Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Fair Peeking! Who Wrote This?

McCain’s been taking flak for his ties to lobbyists for a while now, and I predicted it would expand into a Black Attack back in February. I even gave a better example of Black’-Manafort’s shadiness the WaPo didn’t dig up. But at this point I’m just going to shrug my shoulders and say “whatever”, because we’ve picked a deeply flawed candidate and we’re stuck with him.

It’s like buying a house with foundation problems and a damp, creepy basement in a cruddy neighborhood. No matter how many flags and azaleas the sellers put out on top, the fundamentals aren’t sound and that’s going to give you problems. But we bought it anyway, and we own it. The Democrats are clamoring for Black to be fired, but that won’t fix McCain’s water damage after years of immersion in the toxic beltway muck. Black is a symptom of this underlying problem, and firing him is just a cosmetic fix.

Well, actually, it’s not even a fix. Black’s a competent manager and he’s been scrupulously ethical in his representation of blood-soaked autocrats. I actually think he’s a benefit to the campaign and one of McCain’s few ties to the conservative movement. That’s why Democrats are bothering to attack him.