Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Properly Solemn on Memorial Day

I can't bring myself to be properly solemn on Memorial Day and to reflect on the noble sacrifice of our military men and women. Because I actually reflected on that sacrifice, and the sacrifices demanded of their families, years ago when I marched in opposition to the war. At that time I, and millions of other fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, citizens, fellow humans rose up in protest against the war and against all the lives that would be lost. And I've continued protesting and working against the war, and against Bush and the war machine, since then. And during that time the military itself and those who have been kicked out as unnecessary, used up, wounded, and dead have slowly come around to recognizing that a parade and some flags once a year isn't much payback for all they have lost and all they have done. So forgive me for not rising in solemn, ritualized grief for our dead and wounded one day a year. Their deaths and their wounds, their families griefs and the grief and rage of the innocents killed in this little exemplar of a war extend longer than a day and won't be marked or washed away with some flags, trumpets, and flowers on some graves.