Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Odd religions

Shakesville has a series called "How Odd!", highlighting the way in which the Reuters Oddly Enough page presents violence against women and misogyny as "odd;" the articles may be deadly serious, but the headlines tend to be smirky and coy.

Not that sexism doesn't burn my toast, but today they crossed the line into religious bigotry. How odd!

Nepal king makes animal sacrifices to power goddess

This was a perfectly serious article, about a solemn, and meaningful (and not at all unusual, which is to say, "odd") religious rite to goddess Kali. It also mentioned that animal rights groups in Nepal protest animal sacrifice, and details some of the political troubles of the king who made the sacrifice.

The only thing "odd" about this is that it's not monotheistic. It's purely prejudice, with no window-dressing of being anything else. Would an "Oddly Enough" headline read "American Leader offers prayers to god of peace"? Or perhaps "American Senator offers lamb shank to desert deity"? Is an offering to Kali somehow more "odd" than that?

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