Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh, So There Are Democrats in the Middle of the Country? Who knew?

This fascinating if incohate article about Muncie Indiana--the "Middletown" that's on my college sociology reading list--, makes clear that the movie I reviewed here a week or so ago--Magic Town--was based on a fairly sophisticated understanding of how sociology and marketing were tied together with a fake nostalgia for a "real" America that would be utterly average. The strange part of the article is that the writer interviews some very interesting American Democrats in an area that we have been told over and over again must be populated with red blooded Republicans. None of them are voting Republican, or would consider it, but this goes entirely unremarked. It confirms my feeling that after this election, if Obama gets in, the press is going to dismiss its twenty year romance with "authentic/white/republican/midwesterners" with a simply Emily Litella like "never mind" and go on to the next phony controversy.