Monday, June 16, 2008

The Booboisie Mourns One of Their Own

Just when I think people can't really get any more gullible or trivial or bathetic I head back over to my old stomping grounds, a women's website, and find out that I was wrong. Here's the ongoing conversation about "Big Russ" and "Tim"--they are all on a first name basis with their media creations and are constantly charmed and surprised (and sometimes humbled) to find out that they are "just plain folks" and "salt of the earth to boot" instead of nasty celebrity types. The act that is no act is more than just mccain's shtick. More...

7. "His son was interviewed this morning"
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I was SO incredibly impressed with him. He's very articulate and showed his incredible love and admiration for Tim.One thing they showed was a picture of Luke going on the set yesterday and placing his hand on his dad's chair. That was incredibly moving.

I spent all weekend thinking"
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how can I ever get my kids to feel about DH and I, the way Tim Russert felt about his dad and then to see his son speak the same way about his dad. They must have been one amazing/loving family!Tim R. came last year to do a speech for our largest donors. My DH loved him so I weaseled out an invitation and then the last minute our babysitters backed out. Now I'm so sad we didn't make it. His "agent" (from the Washington Press Club) that I was dealing with for payment and arrangements was so horrible, difficult and demanding. Then the people told from development told me he showed up and was the nicest, most down to earth person they had ever met.

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Jun-16-08, 02:40 PM (EDT) 16. "Seems to be the adage..."
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"actions speak louder than words". From what I learned over the weekend, Big Russ never said 'I love you' or was lovey dovey. Just seemed to work his butt off and put his family first. I think if anyone puts their kids and family first, the rest will come into place. Luke this AM said he talked to his Dad every day 2-3 times and that Tim was always saying 'I love you'. But I don't think that means Tim was a 'better' Dad than Big Russ, but just had the means/time/hindsight to it differently. Things were just diff't in the 50s than they are in the 00s.ETA: What's the deal with Tim's Mom? Haven't heard squat about her - did she die or was there a divorce/breakup? Seems strange it's all about his Dad (father's day or not).
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Jun-16-08, 03:00 PM (EDT) 19. "Tim's mom died"
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I don't know when, but heard it mentioned over this weekend that she had died, sounded like a number of years ago.I think Tim and his wife's philosophy on raising their child sums it up -- "we've tried to let him know that he's always always loved but never ever entitled." I think folks who truly live that raise children with great respect for them . . . not that that's their goal, it's to raise adults happy well-adjusted adults who are productive in society, etc, but I think that respect is a by-product.Also by example -- the hard work ethic, not arrogant or entitled himself, respect for his own roots, etc, helps to shape a child. Two of the things people said over and over about Tim was how he always gave a hand up to someone who needed it, and how much he valued children (not just his own, but the children of his staff, the politicians he interviewed, and in society as a whole). Like you said, actions speak louder than words.