Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Doppleganger

Litbrit, one of my favorite bloggers, offers this new game over at Cogitamus:

So I was waiting for a return phone call this afternoon, and as I sat for fifteen boring minutes at my laptop, loathe to read one more word about politics (for a change) and desperately trying to avoid looking at all those tempting vintage dresses on eBay, I did something kind of silly (surely I am the last person on Earth to do this): I Googled my name--without the married appellation--to see if I had an interesting Google twin out there somewhere.

For her bitter experiences head on over there. I took the googledoppleganger challenge once in my dreams when I dreamt that the guy we bought our first house from said to me "I looked you up on Altavista and found you under Zaftige." In real life I have a google-d-ganger who has her own knitting pattern and sale company online. But I also have the serious envy jiggies for a quite famous blogger who blogs under what would be my first name and first initial. What about you guys?