Wednesday, June 04, 2008

McCain the Misogynist

After the relentless misogyny directed at Clinton over the course of the campaign--misogyny that a lot of Clinton supporters blame on Obama, regardless of the source--it was very smart politics for McCain to say nice things about Clinton last night. Some people even seem to be buying it.

TalkLeft commenter Stroszek, however, isn't:

Supporter to chuckling McCain: "How do we beat the bitch?"

McCain to GOP Fundraisers: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father."

John to Cindy: "At least I don't plaster on the make-up like a trollop, you cunt."

McCain opposes equal pay.

McCain flip-flops on reproductive rights for rape survivors.

John McCain is no "friend" of women.
And let's not forget that it was McCain's advisor who said about Clinton that "some women are named [bitch] and it's accurate". And of course a McCain presidency would be catastrophic for women's rights in ways that go way beyond Roe.

This cannot be stressed enough. McCain sees an opportunity, disappointed and angry Clinton supporters, and he's going to go after them. We need to remember, need to remind everyone we know at every opportunity, that a McCain presidency would be in every way completely terrible for every woman in America.