Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nature not Nurture

I've got two children, lets call them "world conqueror" and "world renouncer" or Kanchi (youngest girl) and Jethi (first girl). We are making orange juice and coffee and blueberry cream scones for breakfast this morning. World conqueror can locate the cutting board, cut the oranges, juice the oranges and also, keeping an eye on what I am doing, keep doing what she's doing while simultaneously opening the spice drawer and locating what I need. In this complex ballet of three bodies in the kitchen the Jethi chori wanders about wiping down the counters with infintesmally teeny bits of paper and making coffee. It turns out that at eleven she a) doesn't know to put a top on a pot of water if you want it to boil faster and b) that you can keep an eye on that pot while you do other things and c) know that it has boiled because of the steam lifting up around the edges of the top. Once I asked her to turn on the burners and boil the water and she asked me which burner was connected to which knob while the younger child briskly seized the initative and said "just try anyone and see which burner lights." Its nature, not nurture folks.