Monday, June 23, 2008

Prospective Lecture Blurb

_Political Blogs and Blogging—Pleasures and Pitfalls in the Age of Internet Campaigns._

Talking Points Memo, Buzzflash, Eschaton, Sadly, No!, The Poor Man, If I Ran the Zoo, Pajamas Media, Daily Kos, Hulaballoo, Pharyngula? Why do political blogs have such weird names, and how can you sort the good from the bad to find the best political blogs and the latest political information on the internet? Are your friends and family exhausted by your political interests and do you long for a supportive, combative, community that talks politics 24/7? The internet might be your new home, and political blogs and bloggers your new friends. Come listen to a brief lecture on the history and structure of political blogs, receive a list of the hottest blogs on the right and left, and get ready to really enjoy the fall political campaigns from inside/out and from outside/in.

cliched, but I think it works as a come on.