Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...Then Comes Lieberman with a Baby Carriage

I found this elevated analysis of the recent Obama-Lieberman dust-up over at -- where else?-- The Corner:

Re: Anatomy of an Obama Hit Job [Andy McCarthy]

Remarkable, isn't it, that someone so concerned about our image in the "international community," so offended by Bush's purported cowboy insensitivity, can get so spun up over "false rumors that [he] is a Muslim." Even if his accusations against Sen. Lieberman had any merit, why does Sen. Obama — who used to say that his middle name, Hussein, would be a real asset in the signals it would send to the world — now think it's defamatory to be taken for a Muslim?
Yeah, Obamama's boy; if you love the world so much, why don't you just marry it already?

Update: This update over at The Corner is nipping close at parody's heels.