Saturday, June 28, 2008

There Appears to be a little Glitch in the System

I got all excited about the revelation that Obama's social networking would actually work for us social beings behind it--that is to say that a "get obama to change his mind on FISA" group had sprung up within the Obama web site itself. But alas, there's a little flaw in the plan due to the acephalous format. Somehow when you sign up for the group instead of getting a single action item to do you are simultaneously signed up for *everyone's emails* and so all morning my mailbox has been flooded with sincere and thoughtful exhortations to Obama, and to the 400 other members of the group, to *do something* which, I assure you, I would happilly do. But I don't need 400 reminders to do the same damn thing--donate to Act Blue, phone Obama's telephone line, bring this FISA thing up at my fundraiser today, or anything else. Just one action item, once, is sufficient. Is this typical of how these things work? because its damned annoying. I'd go and unsubscribe but then I wouldn't get any mail at all.

Got to run, guests to the fundraiser in 3.5 hours. Panic stations are now. Mr. Aimai has chosen *this *&^%$*minute to decide he needs to go get a haircut for a business trip. Surprisingly, since he gets the cheapest level of supercuts, he didn't want to let me do it while I was so busy getting ready for the party.