Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apologies for the Posting Slowdown

I'm driving out and back every day to take my children to camp, and pick them up. The standard route takes thirty minutes each way, so an hour a day door to door, but summer time means road work and my commute varies in length from a quick and dirty hour to anything up to two hours of lively dodging, weaving, and stop and going on long, unbroken, country roads in bumper to bumper traffic. In between I want to lie down and cry. However, a great event is coming my way--no, not impeachment and war trials--though my brother and I stunned the children by an impromptu chant of "the hague, the hague, the hague" the other day--the aquisition of 20 pounds of sour cherries and the canning thereof. So you will see even less of me, but you can imagine me happy at last.