Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bean Ball Boy

Bring It On gave a presser yesterday in Japan. Froomkin summarizes:

There wasn't a whole lot new. But Bush did offer insight into his odd notion that war is fundamentally about prevention and that law enforcement isn't, saying: "In terms of the war on terror, step one is to recognize we're at war. Some in our country don't believe we're at war. If you don't believe we're at war, that this is a simple law enforcement matter, then what you do is you wait until something happens and then react. You know, law enforcement is there is an action, there's a crime, and then there -- law enforcement acts.

"In war, what you do is you prevent the enemy from hitting in the first place. That's why Iraq and Afghanistan are very important theaters in the war on terror."

And after a bunch of questions about North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, and climate change, Bush blurted out: "So -- is anybody going to ask me about Bobby Valentine? (Laughter.) You don't even know who Bobby Valentine is. He was the old coach of the Rangers who's a manager of one of the Japanese baseball teams, and he's done very well in Japan. People like Bobby, don't they?"

Oh yeah, most powerful man in the world, Bobby's big in Japan. But he's also, you know, a success.