Monday, July 28, 2008

Doug Giles alert

Do these guys not even read their own sites? Sadly, No! has fallen down on the Doug "that's crazy talk" Giles front and I've missed their snarkalicious take on his special brand of religious, highly sexualized, and utterly unique fake "with it" lingo. In this essay he tries to rehabilitate the word "classy" to cover a variety of acts like not spitting when you talk to elders and tackling shoplifters in parking lots while flinging a substantial amount of spittle himself in just the first paragraphs ("our girls are getting their ovens removed when they’re 15!" Ovens? Like, Kenner Easy Bake Ovens? What strange new liberal crime is this? But no, even worse, he thinks you can take a phrase like "bun in the oven" and simply abstract the word oven and use it for "uterus." How buggin' authentic street slang is that!) t Amanda at Pandagon takes a stab and its well worth the read. Still, you really have to force yourself over to Town Hall to grasp just how stupid Doug Giles is. He positions his rage against the sexual machine:

As you well know, our toady media has made being a whore all the rage for our young daughters. They’re pushing our kids—on multiple cultural fronts—to be “empowered” sexual beastesses, and this is in spite of the plague-like spike in STDs which are saddling our kids.

Yep, who cares if our girls are getting their ovens removed when they’re 15 for fooling around, keep selling them sex, dammit! Throw rubbers at ‘em! It’ll never happen to them, even though according to the CDC 0ne in four teenage girls right now have some form of STD funk coursing through their system.

Right Next to this sexy, disheveled, boy magnet of an advertisement for conservative t shirts: