Monday, July 07, 2008

G-dmn Roy Gets there First

Took the kids to see what I thought was a dysphoric, anti consumerist, pro-recycling and human values, leftist screed with perverted sensibilities and a communistic message--but Roy heads over to wingnut land and finds out I've probably indoctrinated them into a pro-gun, pro-klan, anti nanny state bizarro values universe. Damn.

UPDATE. Last week we noted rightblogger rage at the eco-treason of the cartoon Wall-E. $128 million in ticket sales later, some of them are coming to the film's defense — not on aesthetic grounds (they don't know what those are) but because they perceive a conservative message in the Disney blockbuster. Apparently it's not environmentalist propaganda after all — it's an indictment of the nanny state!

Wizbang claimed the infantilism of the film's humans supports "the argument that conservatives have been making against more government control and womb to the tomb governmental care." Crunchy Conservative Rod Dreher said Wall-E "argues that rampant consumerism, technopoly and the exaltation of comfort is causing us to weaken our souls and bodies, and sell out our birthright of political freedom." (Amazingly, this convinced some of his commenters to see the film.) Crosswalk hailed "WALL-E's Indictment of Liberalism," and called it "an attack on the government's co-opting of the entrepreneurial initiative of its citizens, micromanaging it through mandated outcomes and compulsory taxes to the point that there is no longer an incentive for individuals themselves to produce." We hope Disney has the good sense to use these as pull-quotes and place them at conservative websites. Even political obsessives have to get out of the house sometimes.