Thursday, July 31, 2008

Liberal Torturers? We can but dream!

From a commenter at Baloon Juice responding to another commenters fervent wish that Sean Hannity should be forced to face Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, or Rachel Maddow in an "unmoderated discussion."


"have a little unmoderated discussion?"

That is either the most subtle euphemism ever in the history of political hate speech, or an illustration of the essential difference between teh Left and teh Right.

Somebody on teh Left really, really hates somebody, and the worst they want to do is to strap them down and make them listen to reason

Oh NOES! ! !
Oh think of the humanity !

We all know what teh Right fantasizes about.

ThatLeftTurnInABQ Says:

we need a new term for this insidious form of torture:


That’s when you strap somebody down and pour facts into their ears until they think they’re drownd-ing.