Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michael Savage isn't really a Conservative! He Just Plays One On the Radio!

Remember when I said that Savage was going to step on a lot of conservative toes with his "autistic kids just need an angry, bitter, abusive father so they can grow up to be conservative radio hosts" shtick? Well, they are handling their anger in their own dignified, conservative, way--projection and denial. John Pitney over at NRO says

Conservatives need to speak out against Savage. Many news stories label him as “conservative” or “right-wing,” which may prompt some people to think that we agree with him. Savage has a long history of disgusting comments, which has led David Klinghoffer to speculate that his act is a giant liberal put-on, a “lefty’s cartoon mental picture of a ranting right-wing caveman.”

Why should Pitney be beggging conservatives to speak out against Savage? Because Pitney has an autistic child and he needs and wants federal, tax payer funded, assistance for his child. And Lo and behold it turns out that when the government does good things, for good people like himself, Pitney, who makes a living selling articles about conservative politics and government, just loves him some big government spending.