Monday, July 21, 2008

More non-movies

I didn't watch a single movie this week.

Arthur and I are deeply, deeply committed to So You Think You Can Dance. That's three hours of TV a week, so that definitely cuts into the movie-watching. I love the show. I love the beauty and excitement of the dance, and I love that it's committed to dance as an art form. It doesn't "tart up" the dancing too much to make it crowd-pleasing. I mean, sure it does. But the producers and judges also pay attention to the technical and artistic integrity of dance; this ain't no Dancing with the Stars. And I find that I care about it; about the people and about the pure artistry. We talk about it all week long.

We're also catching up on our Angel DVDs. I bought all five seasons. Many of the shows we've seen only once, so this is a real pleasure. Except when it isn't. Some episodes really don't hold up. I've watched the 14 episodes of Firefly four or five times straight through, and none of them get tired, but the whole Pylea excursion in Season 2 is mostly only fun once. Don't get me wrong, there's great stuff here, but rewatching it is educational.

Speaking of the Whedonverse, I am probably the only Whedon fan who is unimpressed with Dr. Horrible. Neal Patrick Harris is awesome, but it's a whole lot of mildly amusing for me.