Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Crass Duchess

The weekly film at our local art house cinema, the beautifully restored Kirby Center for the Performing Arts, will be pre-empted tomorrow. Rather than showing Jacques Rivette's Duchess of Langeais, the Kirby will host a John McCain "Straight Talk Town Hall."
I wanted to see the movie, but maybe I'll attend the really big show instead. After all, the plots of the two events actually track pretty closely together, as you can see from this lightly-edited Metacritic blurb on the film:

[The Republican Party] is the Duchess of Langeais, a married coquette who frequents the most extravagant balls in 1820s Paris [1980s and 90s Washington] during the Restoration [Reagan Revolution], when hypocrisy and vanity reign. From the moment of the handsome general [John McCain]'s first meeting with her, he realized it was true love. Flattered by his attentions, the alluring [The Republican Party] orchestrates a calculating game of seduction, but she repeatedly refuses [McCain]. Despite his sincere romantic declarations, [McCain]'s passion remains unfulfilled. When the humiliated [McCain] eventually seeks his revenge [think McCain-Feingold, etc.], [The Republican Party]'s love awakens. But it may well be too late for the star-crossed lovers.
But not to worry, audiences of either the film or the campaign. When French or Republicans get together, somebody's sure to get screwed.