Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Come On

What is with these guys? can't they even pretend to care?

Rep. Hunter won’t visit Chadian refugees if he can’t hunt wildebeest.»

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) staff recently contacted the U.S. embassy in Chad to see whether he could visit the country and distribute food at a refugee camp. He said he wanted to hunt wildebeest and then distribute the meat to the refugees. The embassy, however, wasn’t too happy with this idea — especially because there are no wildebeest in Chad:

ngorongoro_wildebeest.jpg — Post welcomes Congressman Hunter’s interest in food assistance to Darfur refugees in Chad. Given the significant quantities of U.S. food aid programmed for distribution to these refugees through the World Food Program (WFP), Embassy Ndjamena would encourage the Congressman to time his visit to coincide with an already scheduled food distribution.

– Embassy Ndjamena can make the necessary arrangements for the Congressman to observe a WFP food distribution, which will include U.S. food aid, in one of the refugee camps.

– Regarding the Congressman’s desire to hunt wildebeest and distribute the cured meat to refugees, wildebeest are not present in Chad.

– The GOC does not permit the hunting of large mammals.

Hunter was clearly more interested in hunting than helping refugees. He is now trying to arrange hunting expeditions in Kenya, Tanzania, and Southern Africa instead. Ironically, CNN recently reported that wildebeest between Kenya and Tanzania are “under threat from poachers.”