Monday, July 28, 2008

Other Shoe Dropping

McCain's going to end up dropping out of the race entirely. That's my prediction. But even if he doesn't he's going down hard. He had a suspicious mole removed from his face, according to Reuters. And as Atrios points out McCain thinks he can pass this off as a special kind of public service announcement reminding people who are worried about their insurance status, their jobs, and their out of pocket payments to go to Dermatologists they probably don't have access to? Nobody who wants to vote for McCain is going to switch to Obama because McCain is old, sick, and likely to die in office. But a lot of people who think they would vote for McCain are simply going to stay home in a fury and refuse to vote at all for the nearly dead guy who has pissed them off by being such a lousy, degrading, sad sack of a candidate.