Thursday, July 17, 2008

Perhaps I Should Consider Moving

The Environmental Protection Agency published a study today warning Southern states to expect serious consequences from the ongoing effects of global warming. Gulf Coast states are most at risk.

...The Gulf Coast states, in particular, will be hit with more flooding and other problems from more frequent and intense storms and forest fires, according to the federal report. Other effects expected in the South include higher air pollution and a longer pollen season...

Commenters at immediately showed their less than stellar reading comprehension by going on the attack against Al Gore and "bed wetting wackos". Those are presumably the liberal, environment-lovin' wackos of the Bush Administration's EPA. I wasn't aware they had hired Al Gore.

However, all is not lost. I scrolled down a bit and found this comment from truthsleuth:

Here's the way I look at it - just in case, wouldn't it be best to address global warming than debating if it is real or not? Because if it is real, as most reputable scientists believe, and we spend all our time debating about it and doing nothing about it, we're in a heap load of trouble.

If it isn't real and we do something about it, we'll have less dependency on the profiteering of big oil companies in the middle east and at home; we'll have less dependence on monopoly utilities here at home; we'll reinvigorate our economy by reinvesting in aging infrastructure and new technologies; we'll improve our health by reducing air and water pollution; and more benefits.

Let's prepare ourselves for the potential impacts of global warming instead of debating over whether or not the sky is fall - just in case. In the end, no matter the validity of the global warming critics and supporters, if we take action now, we'll have a stronger economy, improved public health, and cleaner environment for generations to come. We have the solutions - let's put those solutions to work.

Common sense. What a concept!