Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, ordinarily I'd say that there's no way the Clintons could be stupid enough to be doing this, but you know, after reading the accounts of the new Atlantic story on how the campaign was run, I've given up. There's no getting below the stupid from the Clintons and their supporters. Take it for what its worth--Elaine "superdelegates could be kingmakers"Kamarck told a friend of ours last night that as a delegate to the convention she is still "receiving pressure" and "receiving calls" from "Clinton people" to cast her vote for Clinton during the first round of balloting at the Convention. Its unclear from this story--which is hearsay, since I wasn't there to quiz her on it, but only second hand since I got it from the only other person at the dinner with her--whether she meant Clinton people as in "official campaign or admin staff" or "clinton people" in quotes meaning supporters and former friends. Take it for what its worth, which isn't much. These people have always been close to power, but not really in power. They've always traded in information and as they get farther from real power they trade in more and more spurious information in order to make up for in quantity what they now lack in quality.

The other observation from my anonymous correspondent? "This is the first time these people [like Kamarck and Joe Klein and other former Democratic movers and shakers] haven't known how they were going to get a job with a new Democratic administration. They simply don't know how to get to Obama's people or how he's going to choose anyone."