Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Michael Gerson, today:

And to give a memorable speech, Obama must find some way to reassert his initial theme of national unity, recently drowned out by the daily gunfire of presidential politics. Every good convention speech includes clever partisan barbs.... But if Obama does not distinguish himself for his post-partisan unity, there is little positive justification for his candidacy. And this emphasis is needed in a country sickened by its own blogged bitterness. Democratic nations are designed for disagreement. They are weakened by contempt. Loyalty to America, at some level, demands loyalty to one another. Love of country requires a regard and affection for our fellow countrymen.

Michael Gerson, 1/30/08:
Liberals and Democrats offer no praise because a desire to help dying Africans, minority students and low-income seniors does not fit the image of Bush's cruelty that they wish to cultivate.
Michael Gerson, 7/18/08:
If the movement to confront climate change is perceived as partisan, anti-capitalist and hostile to human life, it is likely to fail, causing suffering for many, including the ice bears. And so the question arises: Will the environment survive the environmentalists?
Et cetera.

Michael Gerson, anytime: can kiss my bitter bloggy arse.