Friday, August 29, 2008

Terror Alert!!!

RED ALERT...RED ALERT: Romney, out? Pawlenty, out? Palin, out?

Could the last man standing for GOP VP be Bush's former terror stooge, baby-killer Tom Ridge? Or Bush's current terror stooge, baby-killer Joe Lieberman?

Heaven forfend! Stay tuned right here for more.

Update: It's Palin. Which will seriously ratchet down the wingnut terror level -- she's not just pro-life but a 44 year-old mother of five, including a four month-old child with Downs Syndrome. It's become apparent to me from my regular readings at The Corner, where they've taken lately to accusing Obama of INFANTICIDE in all caps, that abortion is pretty much all they've got.

Abortion is it for conservatives, that is, except for the "experience" issue. With which it turns out conservatives have actually always been at war.