Thursday, August 14, 2008

These Are the Charges

According to TPM the Obama campaign is not going to make all the same mistakes Kerry made. They are at least going to deal with the Swift Boat thing head on. But I think this actually needs something different than the route they are going--different from the 41 pages of rebuttal, or the "use better surrogates" or Kerry's four years to late approach to Corsi. I would like to see Obama go on Larry King Live or one of the other hour long shows and demand a full hour of rebuttal. I'd like to see him lean back in his chair, refute the book point by point, and say openly and directly to the American people

These are the charges. Here are the facts. And now make your own decision. This is something the republicans have done before--they lied about Senator Kerry. They spent years accusing a sitting president, the most watched man in American history of being a drug running murderer. THey spent millions of dollars attacking Gore, Dean, Kerry and Obama with nothing but lies. Because *that's all they've got.* Senator McCain didn't stand up for his colleague and friend Senator Kerry when Kerry *and the navy and the entire military apparatus* were smeared by Corsi. Senator McCain hasn't rebuked or rejected Corsi's rampant anti catholicism. And we can't expect Senator McCain to admit that he is planning to benefit from Corsi's lies now. Because that's all Senator McCain has going for him too. If he trusted that the American people wanted his planned third Bush administration he'd be *running on his and Bush's accomplishments.* He's not doing that, instead he's running a fantasy campaign against a hidden manchurian muslim candidate--one who was planted 47 years ago with the improbable name of Barack Hussein Obama when they might better have planned on a white guy whose name was Joe Smith and gotten farther faster. But look, I've laid out the charges and the facts that utterly and completely demolish them. Corsi, McCain, Rove and the rest of the republicans who are in power and who want to stay in power are counting on the american people being stupid enough to fall for this stuff again. I'm betting the other way. I believe in the power of the truth, knowing the truth about the democrats, their nominee, and what the party wants to do when it gets into the white house simply knocks all this smear stuff into flinders. If McCain had a positive program to offer you, he'd do it. If his supporters wanted honest government, they'd be out there begging McCain to sgtand up for it. A man is known by his supporters and McCain's refusal to order Corsi and the other swift boating money men to stop lying about my record has forced me to start telling the truth about his. No honest man is writing these books, and no honest man could be benefitting from them.