Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Abyss Also Plucks Us

Oooo...kay. You must read "Holy Experience: What A Mother Must Sacrifice" These are the far right nuts that McCain thinks to please with Palin and her "story." These are the evangelicals who retreated from the rough and tumble before Karl Rove recruited them, and may yet retreat back to their kitchens this time around. I found this linked at Generation Cedar, a christian mom's blog. Its a link to a Canadian woman so the opinions expressed there are not those of a voter in this election. But Cedar Mom sure liked it--like a Glenn Reynolds of the christian right she linked and said Heh, indeed or, in her lingo, "off to pluck another feather." The depths of this psychotic form of mother love I could not grasp until I read the whole essay, which I urge you to do, but this clip may suffice to put a few stones in your gizzard. More...

Houses may be bought, built, or borrowed.

But homes can only be made, and that with bits of ourselves.

Or so the ducks told me.


Mother ducks pick feathers from their chests to line their nests.”...

Mother ducks don’t line nests with feathers, dirty and trampled, the molted and unnecessary. Why would I? Nests need feathers fresh, warm with mother’s life.

Night descends and calls children to dreams. I lead them to their bed-gate, arms and legs under quilts worn from the ride. I read stories, stroke hair, say prayers. Prayers to Him who plucked hard from His own heart.

A sacrifice, staggering and true, for love of His very own. We learn love from His laid down.

Tired heads nestle into pillows, pillows of down.

On feathers plucked, we rest.

Lord, help me today to pluck, to lay down my life for others. Like You did.