Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bobo Finds a Nut, Then loses it

Or, there are two kinds of people, those who divide everyone into two kinds of people, and everyone else. Hasn't this jerk just made a nice living for the last eight years explaining that good country people who shop at walmart are da bomb? Now he finds out that the founders, who he thinks published the federalist papers in the Weekly Standard, might actually have had an issue about whether the rubes or the elites should really run things? Still, although he almost makes it to the promised land, he chokes in the last paragraph. I think the term for this is "whiff" but I'm too elitist to know:

Here are some more shorter Brooks'

"The Founders were really utopian leftist demagogues. Hey, where'd we get the word demagogue, anyway?"

"I still believe in a world of vicious feminists who summer in Tuscany."

"Smug condescension is to spite voters like catnip to cats. So watch out."