Monday, September 01, 2008

Commenter Ugh over at Obsidian Wings

After Hilzoy makes the pearl clutcher's argument that the Democrats shouldn't use Palin's confusion between her role as christian mother and her prospective role as vice president of all of us as a line of attack because Palin's children might get hurt commenter Ugh sums up the entire debate and contradicts this argument by deftly pointing out that it is Palin and the Republicans who are in fact whoring out poor Bristol, Trig et al for the purposes of making McCain unassailable:

Q: Sen. McCain, recently your Vice Presidential candidate said that she wasn't that familiar with the Surge™ and had only read some vague newspaper accounts of it. How can she be ready to lead if she doesn't know the basic details of one of the centerpieces of your campaign?

Sen. St. BBQ of the Holy POW: Well, as I'm sure you know, Gov. Palin has a lot on her plate these days, what with five children, including the youngest who is only five month's old and has down's syndrome, plus a pregnant teenage daughter, I'm sure you'll understand if she's had other things on her mind lately.

Q: But if so much of her time is taken up with family issues, how can she be an effective advisor and Vice President?

Sen. SBOTHP: How dare you question her commitment to her family and her relationship with her children!!

I feel for Bristol and her future child and husband, I really do. But the fact of the matter is that Sarah Palin and her party are publicly on record demanding that my husband and myself, and my daughters and their future partners, lose all rights to privacy. Palin would advocate the overturning of Roe v. Wade *and* the overturning of Griswold. She opposes sex education not just for her children but for mine. She opposes contraceptive use not just for her children, and not just for herself and her husband, but for me and my husband. She stands with the party of Phil Kline who attempted to obtain all the medical records for all the women using a Kansas Planned Parenthood Clinic on the transparently false claim that all those records needed to be investigated in case some of those patients were underage girls whose sexual activity could be construed as Rape. What is sauce for the goose is, well, sauce for the goose. Welcome to the fierce light that beats upon the scaffold, baby girl Sarah Palin. Hope you like having your private life, medical records, pastor's sermons, husband's pecadillos, children's failures, sins of omission and commission and your hairdo picked over and criticized. At least we aren't trying to have your marriage annulled as "contrary to the word of god" or seizing your children because you have shown yourself to be unable to live up to your own low standards of parenting.