Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A is for Abomination


Everyone is talking about this massively disturbing, sick and even perverse William Saletan piece of soft core porn in which he comes barking and nipping to the defence of poor Bristol Palin for her "unintended pregnancy" and compares it to an imagined stream of probable--nay, inevitable!--even if purely hypothetical pregnancies plus abortions for the dirty sluts of the democratic families that preceded Palin into the spotlight. Amanda and Atrios point out that his arbitrary limitation of age to "below thirty" implies that either women over thirty don't have sex, don't get pregnant, or don't ever need an abortion which would be quite the surprise to most women over thirty. What he says, in an unintentially funny bit, is that "to be conservative" he leaves out Dick Cheney's daughters because they are "over 30." Everyone should read Amanda's take on this and her second post on privacy and autonomy, but I would like to point out that "unintended" pregnancies aren't the real vice, here, in the eyes of the actual conservatives and not their shills in the media. Dick Cheney's daughter and her partner, famously, had a rather intended unmarried pregnancy which the far right religious nuts whose opinion Saletan takes for normal would have classified under "A" for "Abomination" not "U" for "Uuups" as they do Bristol's.