Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Pantload has dumped another large block of text over at The Corner, proudly attributing this one to some "Newt." Here are the best bits:

Newt On the McCain Gambit [Jonah Goldberg]

Statement just came out:

Newt on Senator McCain’s Decision to Suspend His Campaign to Forge an Agreement on the Financial Crisis:

The McCain Leadership Factor...

This is the greatest single act of responsibility ever taken by a presidential candidate and rivals President Eisenhower saying, 'I will go to Korea.'...

If McCain can develop this plan, bring enough Democrats to support it to get passage, and then convince President Bush to sign it, this will be one of the most amazing achievements in the history of presidential campaigns....
Dang, who can forget when Eisenhower said that about Korea?! Goosebumps!