Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No, Not Giving Up Yet

You know, this is a tough week for people who love this country. We are watching the Republicans, seemingly sucessfully, run the same campaign of no bread and lots of circuses that ended the Roman Republic and eventually doomed even the Empire. And what makes me even angrier is that they are loving it--they are loving the hatred, the race baiting, the liberal baiting, the accusations that everyone else in the world is a pedophile and everyone else's kid is a slut or a whore while their own are given a little cheap and easy sainthood. They are proposing to turn this country over to an angry, arrogant little man and a selfish, bigoted, holy roller in heels and a bikini and what is worse they are telling us that they do so on the basis of *character*. That's an argument I'd love to have but the Democrats as usual aren't willing to take them on because of the utterly silly notion that swing voters really identify with a loser former beauty queen who wasted her opportunities to get educated by skipping from school to school instead of buckling down to some hard work. Or that they really identify with a ranting, canting, hundred year old man whose 100 million dollar trophy wife's fortune has insulated him from the ordinary responsibilities of life. Character? You don't *get* any more characterless. And every time the Dems roll over for this phony America's sweetheart and America's defender shtick it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know what to do about it, but g-d damn something needs to be done. And its not going to be done by lying down and crying or feeling sorry for ourselves. These people are a cancer on the body politics. They aren't just wrong on the issues--they are flat out not good people. And its time we all stood up and said it, loud and clear.