Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing To See Here

Spikey Mikey Isikoff in Newsweek of all Subversive Rags:

It is not unusual for major corporations to enter into consulting retainers so that individuals could be available if needed. And the two sources stressed that Davis at no time made any threats or demands on Freddie Mac. But the sources indicated that Freddie Mac seldom called on Davis or the firm. On one occasion, Davis was asked to attend a meeting of the firm's political-action committee during the 2006 campaign in order to give the Republican Party's perspective on the upcoming elections. In addition, Davis did meet with McLoughlin for breakfast on "one or two" occasions. Other than that, one source said, Davis "doesn't do anything" for Freddie Mac. The firm "doesn't even talk to him." In addition, Freddie Mac has had no contact with Davis Manafort other than receiving monthly invoices from the firm and paying them. But the money could be perceived as helping Freddie Mac ensure a good relationship with one of McCain's top aides in the event that he became president. The payments, along with other lobbying and consulting contracts, are expected to be terminated by the new federal overseers, the sources said.
No wonder they went bust if they were routinely paying 15,000 a month to a guy who "doesn't do anything" and to whom they "don't even talk." Where can I get one of those featherbedding jobs? I figure that Freddie M owes me *big* bucks because I never talked to them or did anything for them either--and for a lot longer than Davis Manaforte.