Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ruh Roh

From A Christian Mom's Blog:

Considering the specific commands regarding a wife to her husband, she must be subject to him in everything. And unlike, perhaps many other professions, the affairs of VP would most certainly preside before the affairs of her family. That fact makes it impossible for a woman serving as VP to be subject to her husband "in all things". No, she is about to become the "body" to another "head". How could it be commanded (by Divine protection) that a woman is not to rule over a man in her home, or in her church, but be permissible for her to rule over every man in the country? That reasoning is ludicrous!
I've already heard the suggestion that "maybe Palin's husband wants her to be Vice President". Doesn't matter. He would still be abdicating his responsibility to be her "head", and metaphorically, her savior (where it is impossible to separate the body from the head.)
And if you're not comfortable with this, may I gently remind you that we don't have the luxury of arranging the social order of God's creation. He made us--He gets to define the terms. Anything outside of that hurts us.
As a Christian, would my vote for a female civil magistrate (not to mention the compromise I would have to take to support McCain), not be declaring the wisdom of God to be foolish, declaring reason to be stronger than faith? Am I not declaring that the church--the body of Christ, can live without its head?

I'm not linking because I don't want anyone to go over there and argue with her that she can, too, support Palin. I have had to tie my fingers to my side no to get into it with her.