Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Years

Yesterday was the third blogiversary of If I Ran the Zoo. I wish I were more excited about the milestone. The last year has been spectacularly horrible for...well, several of our contributors, and it's not one I'm thrilled to commemorate in any form. I've also been doing a piss-poor job of blogging lately--I'm depressed, demotivated, and a little burnt out. I'll get back into it, I know, but right now the very thought of blogging exhausts me. So the timing is sub-optimal.

That said, I am still proud of what we've done here over the last three years. I think we have a great bunch of contributors with a great body of work, and we've built up a great little community here. So, thank you to all of the other contributors, and thank you to the people who come here regularly and give us a reason to keep on going.