Monday, October 06, 2008

Apparently, We Won the Sixties

From one of the panicked and enraged commenters at Red State:

Just a matter of demographics.

Achance (link)

First, the Country continues to become more urban and urban tends Democrat. Second, with a D-controlled Congress and a Democrat White House, there will be an amnesty bill and a massive drive to register the formerly illegal aliens. And, third, every time Pomp and Circumstances gets played at a government school and most universities public or private, a piece of American culture, history, and tradition dies.

There is a resurgent Left in America and it is backed by money, power, and staffed by a lot of people who've become quite successful in careers as "community organizers," union reps, non-profit staffers, attornies and the like. The sixties Left was mostly living off their parents' money with a little salting by Soviet front organizations. The veterans of those days are now college professors, heads of unions, Democrat Party officials, etc. Be worried.

In Vino Veritas