Monday, October 13, 2008

Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

Occasional contributor to The Corner Jonathan Adler throws down on hardass Andy McCarthy's recent paranoid assertion that William Ayers wrote Barack Obama's first book:

...Even if Obama's book was ghost-written — and I've seen no evidence that it was — fingering Ayers as the potential author is nutter-territory stuff.
Hardass McCarthy responds with a characteristically restrained two paragraph screed climaxing in this line:
...We're about to elect to the presidency a blank slate of the Left who comes to us with a neon sign that says "SLATE NOT ACTUALLY BLANK IF YOU LOOK HARD ENOUGH."... [sic]
Adler has now sought to appease McCarthy, but I fear his closing -- "There are more serious issues at stake, and we can do better than that" -- will not be well received in the hardass quadrant. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile enjoy this bonus McCarthyism, with which hardass opens his two-graph screed. It's a serious contender in the all time most hypocritical sentence category:
Jon, it's very like the other side to engage in the attack ad hominem and leave substance for another day (that never comes) so I'm surprised to find you doing it.