Sunday, October 05, 2008

Go over and Give this guy some Love

I've been bouncing around the net this morning and can't remember how I got to this guy's site--except it was by way of the lovely "Kiss My Big Blue Butt." He lives in a very Republican area and is having his Obama/Biden yard signs stolen. I think he needs some serious emotional support. Hop over if you get a chance and give him some pixel thumbs up. Here's a taste of what they are going through in Fort Bend:

“I work from my home and saw two men up in my driveway and steal my Obama signs. 2 of them that were in my front yard. I jumped in my car and caught up with them and demanded my signs back. The two men gave my signs back and I noticed that they had a car full of Barack Obama signs. They must have stolen all of them in the neighborhood. As the guys gave me the signs a lady saw what was happening and cussed me, even after I told her what was going on. She saw my signs and she said “Those signs are worthless anyway. I’m glad they took them.” Then another man walked up to me and cussed me out as well. I could not believe it. I tried to explain to him what happened and he called me a “hippie.”

Good thing they didn't try it with the ladies of Kiss My Big Blue Butt--check out their website and see how seriously they treat their blog name when it comes to Republican shenanigans.