Monday, October 13, 2008

The Good, the Decent and the Patriotic

This is fresh off the CNN Situation Room transcript wire:

MCCAIN: I've heard the same thing ["people in the crowd screaming things like 'Terrorist!,' 'Traitor!,'"], unfortunately, at Senator Obama's rallies being said about me. There's always a fri[n]ge element that's in politics in America. The overwhelming majority of the people that come to my rallies are good and decent and patriotic Americans. And if they're worried about this country's future, that's correct.

But to somehow -- to somehow intimate that of the thousands of people -- 17,000 people were just with us in Virginia. And to somehow intimate that the overwhelming majority of those people, with rare exception, are somehow not good Americans or are motivated by anything but the most patriotic motives, is insulting. And I won't accept that insult.


I will tell you right now, I'm proud of my supporters. I'm proud of the people that come. I'm proud of those veterans who have served their country that come to my rallies and fire me up. I love them.

And for anybody to intimate that the overwhelming -- 99 99/100 percent is anything but patriotic and good Americans, is, frankly, unacceptable and I won't -- and I won't stand for it.
I don't know who McCain thinks he is responding to here. No one that I'm aware of has claimed that "the overwhelming majority" of his supporters think those things or aren't good Americans. But are his rallies "99 99/100" pure? You be the judge. Here's some lovely footage of a gathering of McCain/Palin's "good and decent and patriotic Americans" at a rally last week in lovely Bethlehem, PA:

I've got goosebumps, I'm so ... um ... so proud. (I'd just add that Bethlehem is a good ten miles closer to Hogan than it is to me. What do you have to say for yourself, Hogan?)