Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hmmm, Charity....

So the RNC is going to "spread the wealth" around by donating Sarah Palin's used Manolo Blahnik's to charity? Might we ask if they will be taking a "charitable deduction" for those clothes? And might we also inquire who will be the recipient of this largesse? As I understand it, from years of studying the entrails of Republican policy, the only deserving women are homeschooling, pregnant, married teens of disabled fetuses--after the baby is born, of course, its own its own. Mz. Hockey Puck looks to be a taut, trim, size eight to me. How many pregnant teens will share in that snazzy red leather jackett--and how many pregnant teens, women, and families, won't get any help from the government because the RNC's charitable deductions lowered their tax liability and Mz Palin et al cut the funds for WIC?