Wednesday, October 08, 2008

K'Lo delegates her Depression to an engraged sock puppet

K'lo publishes this extended screed "from a reader" that explains that the Republicans are losing, and will lose, because they weren't conservative *enough*. Its a keeper:

The next 4 years are going to be brutal, although hopefully, the Democrats will overreach during the first two years and usher in Republicans to the House and Senate that understand the mistakes of the past and start acting like Republicans. With Gov. Jindall, Gov. Palin and Gov. Romney (who I voted for in the primary in Georgia, because I saw this coming, and I loved Gov. Romney’s message), the Republicans will be reborn. We, as a party, need to say never again to moderate, old Senators, or even VP’s (see Dole, McCain and Bush 1) and start putting forward young, energetic and idea driven governors. More... They have executive experience, ideas and the ability to communicate the ideals that make our party great. I hate that we have to go through the next 4 years with Obama at the helm. We will be tested severely by every adversary we have in the world and Obama’s instinct to talk and negotiate above every other action will serve us terribly.

My family and I will suffer serious financial hardship over the next 4 years. Obama has no understanding of those of us who work 80 hour weeks, spend countless nights away from our families to provide a good life for them and aren’t some notorious CEO’s ( could that guy from Lehman be a bigger idiot?).Gov. Romney’s speech at CPAC and Gov. Palin in this campaign are the only two people that I have seen that speak to us who bust our backsides to support our family, don’t want Government to give us anything and understand what we are all about.

It is time for the younger conservatives to rise up, take control of our party and start expelling the idiots like Stevens from Alaska, that think giving money away should keep us in power forever. It is better to say to Snowe and Specter and the others, thanks, but we will stay in the minority for awhile and let liberals show you what their policies mean rather than cater to you and let moderates destroy our party again. To many people have forgotten what unbridled liberalism means (ala Carter again). While we tried to label Clinton with that, he totally understood that liberalism would destroy him, and after the first two years governed from the center to save his own hide. While he did nothing spectacular, he ended up being an OK President because of this.