Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain's Palin Problem--Solved!

Palin: can't run with her, can't run without her. On the one hand, her favorables are dropping to the point that she's clearly a drag on the ticket. On the other hand, dumping her would be devastating to efforts to mobilize the base.

But there is a solution, and only I seem to have figured it out. What McCain needs to do is replace Sarah Palin with Sarah Paulson. It's perfect:

  1. The name is similar enough that most Palin supporters won't even realize it's a different person.

  2. A lot of other people will confuse her with Treasury Secretary Paulson, and figure she's on the ticket to provide financial expertise.

  3. She's almost certainly more articulate than Sarah Palin. (Hell, who isn't?)

  4. She's totally hot (which, let's face it, is why McCain picked Palin in the first place).

  5. Two words: Miss Isringhausen.
    Wish I had five more like you.
    --Al Swearingen
I just hope McCain's people don't read this...