Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Most Christians aren't Christian Scientists, you know.

Well, I'm feeling pretty perky because my christian, republican, sister in law is now not only *not* voting for McCain she is actively planning to vote for Obama. But something else that has been on my mind as I hang around the christianist blogs is a good response for someone who says they are voting for Palin/McCain (in that order) because its important to have someone in the White House that is truly religious. I think the right approach is to say "Well, when I pick a doctor I might pick someone whose religion was the same as mine so they can pray for me--but I don't pick a doctor whose only preparation for the operation is prayer. Because the job of doctor, or lawyer, or president is above all a skilled, managerial, job. What you know, how you are prepared, how much you've cared to study up on the issues is as important as your good intentions. So go ahead and vote for Sarah Palin if you think she is actually up for the job--she's worked for it, she's thought about it, she's studied it. But don't vote for her because you like her religiosity any more than you'd choose a faith healer for your surgery." [This, of course, won't work for the kinds of solid loony bible thumpers whose work I've been reading on the net. They actually would prefer death to being handled by a non christian.]