Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No, No, No 100 percent No

Gelertner has been insane for years now but this takes the fucking cake. I demand someone sew back his damn foreskin and throw him to the goys. They can have him.

via Sullivan (of all people!) at the daily dish:

Poseur Alert

"There is no single English word for McCain the hero, the moral entity. But in Hebrew he would be called a tsaddik–a man of such nobility and moral substance that he approaches holiness. If this assertion sounds crazy, that only shows how little we have thought about the issue," - David Gelernter, Weekly Standard.

translation here:


A reader writes:

Is Gelernter absolutely insane? I grew up in the Orthodox community and attended numerous Yeshivot, and the word Tzadik was reserved for the most learned, most pious, and most sincere people in our community. It's a word reserved for Rebbe's and Heads of Yeshivot. For great leaders in the Jewish community. No one would ever dream of calling someone a tzadik if they had called their wife the c-word in front of reporters. He might be a really good guy, but we have a special word for that in Judaism too. A Mensch. And you can make mistakes and still be a mensch. McCain hasn't been much one of those during this election, but I wouldn't mind saying that over his life he's been a pretty decent guy. But a tzadik?