Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Return of the Son of Night of the Living Random Flickr-Blogging: The Number is 4200

Random Flickr-blogging explained. As always, everyone is welcome to join in the fun; just post links to your entries in the comment thread.

Since we haven't done this for a while, and since this is the opportunity to get some first-timers involved, I'll reiterate the basics:

  • Browse to Flickr. You don't have to have an account. Search for "img_xxxx", where "xxxx" is the designated random number (this week, search for "img_4200"). Some advanced users like Flickr Leech.
  • Choose an image (or several) and post it/them on your own blog, giving proper attribution. The "blog this" feature of Flickr is the easiest way to do it and conform to their rules, but if you're crafty with the code, you can do it your own way. Just make sure you link back to each original image as required by Flickr's T's and C's.
  • Do what you want with the image -- write a funny caption, make up a story, connect it to something you heard on the news, or just put it out there as an image you like -- it's up to you.
  • Include a link to your post in the comments for this post. I'll gather all the links up and create a summary post (example) of all entries sometime tomorrow.
  • It's not a competition, so don't be intimidated into not giving it a shot; it's the most fun when we get the widest variety of contributions, so join in (and tell a friend).