Monday, October 27, 2008

terminology was clarified and standardized, so that the formula "Three Hypostases in one Ousia" came to be everywhere accepted

Who doesn't remember that ringing slogan?

Eric Martin makes it all clear:

Barack Obama has pulled off what few, if any, of the great villains in the neoconservative pantheon have been able to achieve. Obama has unified the two poles of neoconservative alarmism and fear mongering in an unholy amalgamation that, I submit, portends of Rapturous events on the horizon.

Obama is now being characterized as the embodiment of both Adolph Hitler (here, here, here, here, here, here, ie) and Neville Chamberlain. Behold, William Kristol warning voters against being fooled by Obama's positive attributes into thinking that this new Hitler is anything but the new Chamberlain. Also, too:

Neville Chamberlain also had a fine temperament and a good intellect.

My friends, that's hypostases we can believe in.

A thousand quatloos to that man.