Saturday, October 11, 2008

They Write Letters

Why did I bother to read past this second paragraph of Deborah Howell's column this morning?

Last week, as usual, brought more bias complaints from Republicans. John Carver of Oakton wrote: "You and most Post employees may view your paper as fair and balanced. To me it is a far-left liberal rag."
Actually this later paragraph almost redeemed my effort:
Mundy's piece also offended Grace Pimentel of Herndon, who said she is a Democrat: "You ran a . . . fluff piece . . . with feel-good, beautiful, happy, smiling photos and no relevance to the campaign. . . . Meanwhile your coverage of McCain and Sarah Palin is only negative and you run stories that rip them to shreds daily? I just can't see the Post ever running such a positive-only story for McCain!" Actually, there was one that day; more about that later.
Ahh, wingers (and "Democrats"). Life is sooo not fair.

Get used to it.