Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Country Is Broken

Jesus, these people really do think that the the taxes you pay on your income go directly from white people to minorities for drugs and booze. They have literally no fucking clue that there is no "tax fairy" who magically builds roads, staffs police stations, educates children, fights wars and all for free. "Joe the Plumber" reveals that he is a total moron, as well as an asshole:

JW: There’s a lot of things I wish McCain would say. As far as this, yes, I would like him to speak. Not so much about small businesses, but just people in general that make this money. It’s not up to them to help America, I mean – let me rephrase that. It’s not – they shouldn’t be taxed more because they’ve succeeded. That’s envy and jealousy. Get off your butt and go work. Don’t sit there and expect the government to give it to you. So I wouldn’t mind him speaking on it like that. I know he couldn’t say it probably like that because that’d turn a lot of people off. But it just – yeah, I guess I would like him to speak about that and a bunch of other things