Monday, November 17, 2008

Apointment in Samara

Or, in the immortal words of Dune "when g-d hath appointed an end to a creature he directs that creature's footsteps to that place" (or something). My pet christians are at it again. After a blog post about how all suffering is either punishment for sin or g-d's way of showing us love a commenter posts this pathetic "hear hear" :

Thanks for the post. Just today I was asking myself if my hubby and I made a mistake in being open to a large family. We have suffered greatly in recent years, enduring homelessness, lack, and chronic health issues. If we had a smaller family, things would have been easier for us. But who knows? Perhaps in God's wisdom, he determined that we needed a particular type or amount of suffering in order to grow in faith, and if we had a smaller family, he may have used other forms of suffering to refine us. Thanks for the encouragement.

A south-born gal
More and more I agree with Izzy in the post below "I'd rather believe in no g-d than have to impeach this bastard for the crimes he's committed" not the least of which is producing an orthodoxy of such stupifying stupidity. That's it? You are commanded to have more children than you want to have for fear that your all powerful g-d can't figure out a way to make you suffer enough without them? And they call *feminists* and *pro-choicers* anti family?