Saturday, November 29, 2008

Damn You Ahab, this is a Sick Fascination

No, I am not making this up. As Sadly, NO! has demonstrated right near the Malkin post on how Americans should shut up already about needing national health care or public education and just move to subsistence level farming using child labor and making our own modess pads and toothpaste are an entire series of begging pleas for donations to NRO itself to support its writers in the style to which their blog posts entitle them. Then comes this cross marketing attempt from K'lo.

Shopping with NRO [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Gift suggestions from Mark Hemingway:

4. I try and avoid metrosexual accoutrements, but my wife has the temerity to insist on me being “presentable.” As winter nears, my lips tend to crack badly — so thank goodness my better half gave me with this John Allans Spearmint Lime Lip Balm. Its not cheap, but it works great and I love the stuff. My skin also dries out a lot this time of year, so I also have my wife to thank for supplying me with Kiehls Facial Fuel, which is invigorating in a manly-enough way that I can forget for a moment that Im, egad, moisturizing.

Is there literary version of "writing while drunk" or "choked on own words while unconcious?" Because I'm thinking that NRO may be ground zero for this phenomenon.